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Actor, producer, art Director

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Co-Founder of Mama Art Gallery in LA

Short Biography

As the Co-Founder of MAMA Gallery, Adarsha Benjamin is at the forefront of the Los Angeles art scene and one of the pioneers of the Arts District.Rampagiously curious and nomadic in a seemingly lifelong empirical quest for truth and love in art, Adarsha Benjamin (b. 1985) is a progenitor, a maven, and a cultivator at the epicenter of a future culture. She has thusly found herself, if inadvertently, a central figure of a new wave of 21st century renegades breaking the fine crystal castle of the industry mores of yesteryear. Adarsha is a recognized photographer whose preternatural magnetism and talent has brought her into the coveted vaults of the inner lives of artists, tastemakers, and cultural movers around the world.At age eleven Adarsha began to develop a multi-disciplinarian affection to film, photography, poetry and performance art. Adarsha has had exhibitions of her photographic work in New York and Los Angeles and has organized multiple events and happenings around the globe. In early 2011 she was the mastermind of the critically received Rock n’ Roll Circus at Lincoln Center. That same year Adarsha founded the print publication AUTRE, a part of the online journal Pas Un Autre, of which she serves as both publisher and creative director.Benjamin’s past shows include, The Holographic Heart at the Red Arrow Gallery in Joshua Tree, Color Push at the Impossible Gallery in NYC, Imagine the Impossible at MASS MoCA, All in for the 99%, and The Mondrian Sessions at Art Basel. She is a frequent collaborator with artist and actor James Franco. Their projects include James Franco’s Rebel for the Venice Film Festival & Bienalle and the Seven Jeans For All Mankind Spring Campaign, directed by James Franco. Adarsha’s work has also been featured on the covers of Juxtapoz and Flaunt magazine and is part of the Impossible Collection, an art collection dedicated to the support and the creation of artworks on analog instant film. Adarsha lives and works in Los Angeles.