What is Al Mamaux's middle name?


What is Al Mamaux's full name?

Albert Leon Mamaux

Al Mamaux date of birth:

May 30, 1894

How old was Al Mamaux when died?


Where was Al Mamaux born?

Pittsburgh, PA

When did Al Mamaux die?

December 31, 1962

Where did Al Mamaux die?

Santa Monica, CA

How tall is Al Mamaux?

6' (183 cm)

How much does Al Mamaux weigh?

168 lbs (76.2 kg)

What is Al Mamaux nationality?


Where did Al Mamaux go to university?

Duquesne University

What is Al Mamaux's occupation?

Former Major League Baseball Player

Short Biography

Albert Leon Mamaux (May 30, 1894 – January 2, 1963) was a professional baseball player and manager.