What is Alberta Mayne's full name?

Alberta Rosemarie Katherina Mayne

Alberta Mayne date of birth:

November 10, 1980

How old is Alberta Mayne?


Where was Alberta Mayne born?

Calgary, Alberta

How tall is Alberta Mayne?

5' 6" (168 cm)

Alberta Mayne body shape:


What color is Alberta Mayne's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Alberta Mayne gay or straight?


What is Alberta Mayne's ethnicity?


What is Alberta Mayne nationality?


What is Alberta Mayne's occupation?


Alberta Mayne claim to fame:

The L Word

Short Biography

Alberta Rosemarie Katherina Mayne (born 10 November 1980) is a Canadian actress, theatre producer, and social activist from Calgary, Alberta. In 2000, she ran a theatre company out of Vancouver. In 2006, she started to focus on film and television, landing roles in television movies such as The Ties that Bind. In 2007, she was part of two films that premiered in the Toronto International Film Festival; she was featured in Battle in Seattle and a supporting lead in The Soft Revolution. She then went to land guest star roles in The L-Word, Fringe, Psych as well as supporting roles in television movies and feature films. Most recently she had a leading role in The Bouquet starring Danny Glover and Kristy Swanson, with theatrical released in 2013.