Alisa Manenok date of birth:

April 5, 1995

How old is Alisa Manenok?


Where was Alisa Manenok born?

Vladivostok, Russia

How tall is Alisa Manenok?

5' 9" (175 cm)

Alisa Manenok body shape:


What color are Alisa Manenok's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Alisa Manenok's hair?


What is Alisa Manenok's ethnicity?


What is Alisa Manenok nationality?


What is Alisa Manenok's occupation?

Model, Voleyball Player

Alisa Manenok claim to fame:

Miss International Russia 2016

Alisa Manenok body measurements:


Short Biography

Alisa Manyonok is a Russian athlete and model who was born on April 5, 1995, in Vladivostok, Russia. Alisa Manyonok was born in 1995 so now he is still very young, Alisa Manyonok in 2016 was only about 21 years old. Alisa Manyonok is a volleyball athlete and also a model, Alisa Manyonok sport steeped Volleyball is already more than six years, before it was Alisa Manyonok is solely devoted to the sports Pool only. Alisa Manyonok was very fond of sports, it also seems not separated from heredity, parents Alisa Manyonok also very familiar with the sport, father Alisa Manyonok is an athlete pool while mom Alisa Manyonok is a basketball athlete who joined the basketball team KGU, Russia.Alisa Manyonok was born and raised in Vladivostok, she entered high school in 2009 and attended ШИОД ВГУЭС, and after graduating moved to Kazan Alisa Manyonok and continued to study at the Kazan State University. Alisa Manyonok has several times following the event Pageant, and with a pretty face and a nice body is Alisa Manyonok also has managed to win a few times. A model that has a pretty face when getting into the field would be in the spotlight many people, let alone Alisa Manyonok face is super pretty and many say that Alisa Manyonok like Barbie, it's true anyway, I was also told it like it: D.Volley Ball Athletes Russian origin is now known to many, many people in the world are talking about it, many people are interested when seeing a beautiful woman like Barbie being the sport of volleyball. the day the beautiful athlete is getting talked about a lot of people, who idolize him and was also more and more, it is seen from Instagram account also showing a growing number of followers.