What is Andor Ajtay's full name?

Andor Kovács

Andor Ajtay nickname(s):

Andor Ajtay, Andor Kovács

Andor Ajtay date of birth:

July 25, 1903

How old was Andor Ajtay when died?


Where was Andor Ajtay born?

Fogaras, Austria-Hungary [now Fagaras, Romania]

When did Andor Ajtay die?

May 8, 1975

Where did Andor Ajtay die?

Budapest, Hungary

What is Andor Ajtay nationality?


What is Andor Ajtay's occupation?

Film actor

Short Biography

Andor Ajtay was born on July 25, 1903 in Fogaras, Austria-Hungary as Andor Kovács. He was an actor, known for Cantata (1963), Az oroszlán ugrani készül (1969) and Döntö pillanat (1938). He died on May 8, 1975 in Budapest, Hungary.