What is Angelica Kauffmann's full name?

Maria Anna Angelika Katharina Kauffman

Angelica Kauffmann nickname(s):

Angelika Kauffman, Maria Anna Angelica Katharina Kauffman

Angelica Kauffmann date of birth:

October 30, 1741

How old was Angelica Kauffmann when died?


Where was Angelica Kauffmann born?

Graubünden, Switzerland

When did Angelica Kauffmann die?

November 5, 1807

What is Angelica Kauffmann nationality?


What is Angelica Kauffmann's occupation?


Short Biography

Maria Anna Angelika Kauffmann RA (30 October 1741 – 5 November 1807), usually known in English as Angelica Kauffman, was an Austrian Neoclassical painter who had a successful career in London and Rome. She was one of the two female founding members of the Royal Academy in London in 1768.