What is Arj Barker's full name?

Arjun Singh

Arj Barker date of birth:

August 12, 1974

How old is Arj Barker?


Where was Arj Barker born?

San Francisco, California, USA

How tall is Arj Barker?

6' ½" (184 cm)

Arj Barker body shape:


What color is Arj Barker's hair?


What is Arj Barker's ethnicity?


What is Arj Barker nationality?


What is Arj Barker's occupation?

Comic, Actor

Arj Barker claim to fame:

Rove Live

What genre is Arj Barker's work?

Observational, satire

Short Biography

Arjan Singh (born August 12, 1974), known by the stage name Arj Barker, is an Australian stand-up comedian and actor from San Anselmo, California. He has toured in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. He was born to an engineer father and artist mother, and is half-Indian, half-European. His father is of Sikh heritage.