What is Arthur Mortell's full name?

Arthur Mortell

Arthur Mortell nickname(s):

Arthur Mortell

Arthur Mortell body shape:


What color are Arthur Mortell's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Arthur Mortell's hair?

Brown - Dark

What is Arthur Mortell's ethnicity?


What is Arthur Mortell nationality?


What is Arthur Mortell's occupation?

Real Estate Agent

Arthur Mortell claim to fame:

Married to actress Dinah Manoff

Short Biography

Arthur Mortell has been married to Dinah Manoff Mortell (1997 - present) (3 children) Son, Dashiell born 1997, and twin boys, Oliver and Desi Born (January 18, 2002). Arthur and his wife, Dinah moved their family (three boys including twin boys) to Bainbridge Island from Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles in 2005 and have been active with their Childrens' Schools, their Sports Programs and the Bainbridge Performing Arts, where Dinah directs and teaches acting to adults. Arthur and Dinah often take the ferry to Seattle, enjoying shows, the Seattle Art Museum, great restaurants, galleries and the Seattle Symphony.Arthur is a distance runner and takes yoga classes at the Bainbridge Athletic Club.Dinah is active at the Barnaby Stables, riding Dressage with her trainer Rebecca and her Horse, Georgy; taking Yoga classes at the Bainbridge Athletic Club; volunteering at the Schools; directing and teaching acting at the Bainbridge Performing Arts. Dinah has been acting, directing and producing television, film and theater since her late teens.