Ashley MacIsaac date of birth:

February 24, 1975

How old is Ashley MacIsaac?


Where was Ashley MacIsaac born?

Creignish, Nova Scotia, Canada

What is Ashley MacIsaac nationality?


What is Ashley MacIsaac's occupation?

Musician, singer-songwriter

What genre is Ashley MacIsaac's work?

Celtic fusion, folk, rock

What instruments does Ashley MacIsaac play?

Fiddle, vocals

Short Biography

Ashley Dwayne MacIsaac (born February 24, 1975) is a Canadian fiddler, singer and songwriter from Cape Breton Island. He has received three Juno Awards, winning for Best New Solo Artist and Best Roots & Traditional Album – Solo at the Juno Awards of 1996, and for Best Instrumental Artist at the Juno Awards of 1997. His 1995 album Hi™ How Are You Today? was a double-platinum selling Canadian record. MacIsaac published an autobiography, Fiddling with Disaster in 2003.