Aunt Sarah nickname(s):

Old woman

Aunt Sarah date of birth:

April 6, 1930

How old is Aunt Sarah?


Where was Aunt Sarah born?

Chicago, Illinois

Is Aunt Sarah gay or straight?


What religion is Aunt Sarah?


What is Aunt Sarah's ethnicity?


What is Aunt Sarah nationality?


Does Aunt Sarah have a pet?

Si And Am (Cats Siamese)

Short Biography

The character that eventually became Aunt Sarah was softened for the movie, in comparison with earlier treatments. In the film, she is a well-meaning busybody aunt (revealed to be the sister of Darling's mother in the Greene novelization) who adores her cats. Earlier drafts had Aunt Sarah appear more as a stereotypical meddling and overbearing mother-in-law. Her singing ability is apparently non-existent. While she is antagonistic towards Lady and Tramp at first, she sends them a box of dog biscuits for Christmas to make amends for having so badly misunderstood them.