What is Ayu Gani's full name?

Ayu Lestari Putri Gani

Ayu Gani nickname(s):

Ayu Lestari Putri Gani

Ayu Gani date of birth:


How old is Ayu Gani?


Where was Ayu Gani born?

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

How tall is Ayu Gani?

5' 8" (173 cm)

Ayu Gani body shape:


What color are Ayu Gani's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Ayu Gani's hair?


Is Ayu Gani gay or straight?


What is Ayu Gani's ethnicity?


What is Ayu Gani nationality?


What is Ayu Gani's occupation?

Fashion/Runway Model

Ayu Gani claim to fame:

Asia's Next Top Model

Short Biography

Ayu Lestari Putri Gani is an Indonesian model, known for being the winner of third cycle of Asia's Next Top Model, where she represented Indonesia and became the first contestant from that country to enter the top three in the history of the show.