Bailey Gatzert date of birth:

December 29, 1829

How old was Bailey Gatzert when died?


Where was Bailey Gatzert born?

Darmstadt, Germany

When did Bailey Gatzert die?

April 19, 1893

Where did Bailey Gatzert die?

Seattle, Washington, United States

Bailey Gatzert body shape:


What color is Bailey Gatzert's hair?

Salt and Pepper

Is Bailey Gatzert gay or straight?


What religion is Bailey Gatzert?


What is Bailey Gatzert's ethnicity?


What is Bailey Gatzert nationality?


What is Bailey Gatzert's occupation?


Short Biography

Bailey Gatzert (December 29, 1829 – April 19, 1893) was an American politician and the eighth mayor of Seattle, Washington, serving from 1875 to 1876. He was the first Jewish mayor of Seattle, narrowly missing being the first Jewish mayor of a major American city (Moses Bloom became mayor of Iowa City, Iowa, in 1873), and has been the only Jewish mayor of Seattle to date.