What is Banzai's full name?

Banzai Swahili

Banzai nickname(s):

Cactus-Butt, Banzai the Hyena

Where was Banzai born?

Kenya, Africa

How tall is Banzai?

3' 4" (102 cm)

How much does Banzai weigh?

119 lbs (54.0 kg)

What color are Banzai's eyes?


What color is Banzai's hair?


Banzai distinctive features:

Black spots

What is Banzai's occupation?

Hyena in The Lion King

Banzai claim to fame:

The Lion King

Banzai friends:

Ed (Best Friend), Shenzi (Best Friend)

Banzai favorite color(s)?


Banzai favorite food(s)?

Zebra, Wilderbeast

Short Biography

Banzai is a smoky-gray hyena with a pale underbelly and yellow eyes. His ears, eyebrows, and paws are black and his back is spotted with dark gray spots. He is second in command to Shenzi's pack in The Lion King. He is also one of Scar's former hencemen. Banzai is voiced by Mexican-American actor, Cheech Marin.