What is Billy Bussey's full name?

Billy Bussey

How tall is Billy Bussey?

5' 8" (173 cm)

How much does Billy Bussey weigh?

160 lbs (72.6 kg)

Billy Bussey body shape:


What color are Billy Bussey's eyes?


What color is Billy Bussey's hair?

Brown - Dark

Billy Bussey distinctive features:

Martial Arts: 4th Degree Black Belt

What is Billy Bussey's ethnicity?


What is Billy Bussey's occupation?


Short Biography

Height: 5'8 Weight: 160 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue FILM:Darc - Promo Stuntman Joe Perez Ninja cheerleaders Stuntman Luke LaFontaine Blizhniy Boy-Ultimate Fighter Stuntman Joe Perez The Dead-Undead Stuntman Brad Bovee Left Behind Stuntman Joe Perez Jumpers Stuntman Carl Ciarfalio Forced Alliance Stuntman Carl Ciarfalio Fatality Fight Coordinator / Stunts WhitneyProductionsT.V. / VIDEO:Dead and Deader Stuntman Hosung Pak Lil Chris Music Video Stuntman Tony Snegoff NWTC Commercial Stuntman Eric Chen Charger Industrial Stuntman Carl Ciarfalio STAGE:Herbalife Convention Fight Coordinator / Stunts 2006Anahiem UniversitySpiderman Rocks Spiderman / Stunts UniversalStudios HollywoodWild West Stunt Show Stuntman KnottsBerryFarmSPECIAL SKILLS:Martial Arts: 4th Degree Black Belt1999 World Champion (Katas & Weapons) BoxingHand to Hand Combat GrapplingTake Downs (Joint Locks) Weapons: Bo Staff (long & short)NunchakasKamasSaiKatanaKnife & Club TonfasStunts: High Falls/ Up to 40 feet.Air RamRatchet Experience Wire (circus loop & harness work) Horse Work /Falls Bulldogging / Ground Pounder Mini TrampTumbling, Acrobatic flips, Wall flips

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