Blythe Daley date of birth:

December 5, 1901

How old was Blythe Daley when died?


Where was Blythe Daley born?

London, England

When did Blythe Daley die?

October 16, 1965

What is Blythe Daley nationality?


What is Blythe Daley's occupation?


Short Biography

Blyth Daly, also spelled Blythe Daley (December 5, 1901 – October 16, 1965) was an actress who appeared in stage productions on Broadway and who appeared in several silent and sound films. She is better known for her relationships and friendships in the underworld of the Hollywood and New York City lesbian acting community than for her acting career itself. She was the daughter of established stage actor Arnold Daly and his wife Mary Blythe.