What is Bobby Peel's full name?

Robert Peel

Bobby Peel nickname(s):

Bobby Peel, Robert Peel

Bobby Peel date of birth:

February 12, 1857

How old was Bobby Peel when died?


Where was Bobby Peel born?

Churwell, Yorkshire, England

When did Bobby Peel die?

August 12, 1941

Where did Bobby Peel die?

Morley, West Yorkshire, England

What is Bobby Peel nationality?


What is Bobby Peel's occupation?

Cricket player

Short Biography

Robert "Bobby" Peel (12 February 1857 – 12 August 1941) was an English professional cricketer who played first-class cricket for Yorkshire between 1883 and 1897. Primarily a left-arm spin bowler, Peel was also an effective left-handed batsman who played in the middle order. Between 1884 and 1896, he was regularly selected to represent England, playing 20 Test matches in which he took 101 wickets. Over the course of his career, he scored 12, 191 runs and took 1, 775 wickets in first-class cricket. A match-winning bowler, particularly when conditions favoured his style, Peel generally opened the attack, an orthodox tactic for a spinner at the time, and was highly regarded by critics.