Brady date of birth:

April 13, 1970

How old was Brady when died?


Where was Brady born?

Haddonfield, Illinois

When did Brady die?

October 31, 1988

Where did Brady die?

Haddonfield, Illinois

Is Brady gay or straight?


What religion is Brady?


What is Brady's ethnicity?


What is Brady nationality?


Brady friends:

Rachel Carruthers (Ex- Girlfriend)

Short Biography

Brady is the boyfriend of Rachel Carruthers, but was pursued by the other girls in his class, namely Kelly Meeker. On October 31 1988, Brady was set to date Rachel for the night but was surpised when Rachel showed up at the store where he worked at. She told him that she had to to cancel her plans as she was now supposed to babysit her younger foster sister Jamie Lloyd. Brady was clearly annoyed at this and told Rachel that he would call her later. As soon as Rachel left the store, Kelly made a move on Brady and invited over to her house. Before the two could get started, Kelly had to take care of the trick or treaters, once of which was Jamie, who was followed by Rachel. It was at this time that Brady had came downstairs and saw Rachel who was now angry that he was with Kelly. Brady tried to explain himself but his excuses were not good enough for Rachel who thought Brady was different from the other boys. Kelly then called Brady back in the house so they could get started. Brady and Kelly started to have sex when they were