What is C.P. Booth's middle name?


What is C.P. Booth's full name?

Christopher Paul Booth

C.P. Booth date of birth:

March 13, 1952

How old is C.P. Booth?


Where was C.P. Booth born?

Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, UK

How tall is C.P. Booth?

6' 2" (188 cm)

Is C.P. Booth gay or straight?


What is C.P. Booth nationality?


What is C.P. Booth's occupation?

Editorial Department, Director, Composer

C.P. Booth claim to fame:

Cowboy Bebop (TV Series)

Short Biography

Date of Birth 13 March 1952, Sheffield, Yorkshire, England, UKBirth Name Christopher Paul BoothNickname CPHeight 6' 2" (1.88 m) Born in Sheffield England to classical musician parents, Booth emigrated to Canada in 1959, playing roles in CBC TV productions from the age of 9. A busy session player and singer throughout his teens, he worked behind the scenes as bassist and producer for many Canadian acts, notably Jim Carrey. Two albums, with the Jazz Fusion Orchestra, "Young" (Ampex Records) (1971) and PBM (Parker, Booth & Murrell) for Freedom records (1981), cemented his reputation as a highly respected composer and performer. "A Ticket To Heaven" in 1981 and the Tommy Hunter Show gig as regular singer presaged his move to Los Angeles in 1986 where he morphed into editor/producer and director of music videos, commercials, and documentaries throughout the 90s. After surviving a life-threatening cancer, he continues his work as one of the leading proponents of Final Cut Pro as well as a gifted and knowledgeable "finisher" for many clients including McG (Charlie's Angels), Major League Baseball, various animé clients and the US Army. Now a US citizen, he continues to live and work in Los Angeles.