What is Carlos Cabrera's middle name?


What is Carlos Cabrera's full name?

Carlos Cabrera

Carlos Cabrera nickname(s):

Carlos Cabrera

Carlos Cabrera date of birth:

October 18, 1959

How old is Carlos Cabrera?


Where was Carlos Cabrera born?

Bogotá, Colombia

What is Carlos Cabrera nationality?


What is Carlos Cabrera's occupation?


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Short Biography

Carlos Rodrigo Cabrera (born October 18, 1959) is a former newsman and currently employed with WWE, where he is one half of the company's Spanish announce team in which he is the play-by-play announcer. His longtime broadcast partner was the former Ecuadorian professional wrestler Hugo Savinovich, who was the color commentator on the announce team until October 2011. Currently, his partner is Marcelo Rodriguez.