Chaz Jankel nickname(s):

Chaz Jankel, Chas Jankel

Chaz Jankel date of birth:

April 16, 1952

How old is Chaz Jankel?


Where was Chaz Jankel born?

Stanmore, England

What is Chaz Jankel nationality?


What is Chaz Jankel's occupation?

Vocalist, musician, songwriter

What genre is Chaz Jankel's work?

Rock, Post-disco (later), Jazz

What instruments does Chaz Jankel play?

Vocals, keyboards, guitar

Short Biography

Charles Jeremy "Chaz" Jankel (born 16 April 1952) is an English musician best known as the keyboard player and guitarist with Ian Dury and The Blockheads. He was co-writer with Dury of the band's best-known songs during its commercial peak in the late 1970s.