Cheryl Arutt nickname(s):

Dr. Cheryl Arutt

Cheryl Arutt date of birth:

May 13, 1966

How old is Cheryl Arutt?


Where was Cheryl Arutt born?

United States

Cheryl Arutt body shape:


What color is Cheryl Arutt's hair?


What is Cheryl Arutt's ethnicity?


What is Cheryl Arutt nationality?


What is Cheryl Arutt's occupation?

Actress, Clinical and forensic psychologist

Cheryl Arutt claim to fame:

In Session

Short Biography

Cheryl Arutt (born May 13, 1966) is a retired American actress after two decades working in commercials, print, television and feature films, and currently a clinical and forensic psychologist and media consultant. She cohosts and is a regular member of the Behavior Bureau on HLN's panel show Dr. Drew On Call, and as a psychological expert on the Fox News Channel, HLN and In Session.