What is Danell Leyva's full name?

Danell Johan Leyva

Danell Leyva date of birth:

October 30, 1991

How old is Danell Leyva?


Where was Danell Leyva born?

Cárdenas, Matanzas, Cuba

How tall is Danell Leyva?

5' 7" (170 cm)

Danell Leyva body shape:


What color are Danell Leyva's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Danell Leyva's hair?


What is Danell Leyva's ethnicity?


What is Danell Leyva nationality?


What is Danell Leyva's occupation?


Danell Leyva claim to fame:

2012 London Olympics

Short Biography

Danell Johan Leyva (born October 30, 1991) is a Cuban-American gymnast. He is the 2011 U.S national all-around gold medalist and the 2011 world champion on the parallel bars. He is also a Bronze Medal winner in the 2012 London Olympics in the Men's All Around.