Daniel Zion date of birth:

August 3, 1881

How old was Daniel Zion when died?


Where was Daniel Zion born?

Salonica, Bulgaria

When did Daniel Zion die?

November 13, 1976

Where did Daniel Zion die?

Jaffa, Israel

Daniel Zion body shape:


What color is Daniel Zion's hair?

Salt and Pepper

Is Daniel Zion gay or straight?


What religion is Daniel Zion?


What is Daniel Zion's ethnicity?


What is Daniel Zion nationality?


What is Daniel Zion's occupation?

Religion person

Short Biography

Daniel S. Zion, (Tsion, Tzion or Ziyon), (דניאל ציון), (Salonika, 3 August 1883 – Jaffa, Israel, 13 November 1979), was an Orthodox rabbi, Kabbalist and a political activist. He was one of the two senior rabbis of Sofia, Bulgaria during the Second World War.