Desiree Gould date of birth:

March 27, 1945

How old is Desiree Gould?


How tall is Desiree Gould?

5' 5" (165 cm)

Is Desiree Gould gay or straight?


What religion is Desiree Gould?


What is Desiree Gould's ethnicity?


What is Desiree Gould nationality?


What is Desiree Gould's occupation?


Short Biography

Desiree Gould appeared in the TV film You Can't Go Home Again with Chris Sarandon, which was meant to be a pilot for a series. Several scenes were cut for timing when it did not go to series - including most of Desiree's material. She gave up acting in the early 1980's and became a real estate agent. After several years, she returned to acting on the side and appeared in Under Surveillance aka Dark Chamber, which co-starred Felissa Rose.Desiree has taken part in both Sleepaway Camp reunions and is very excited to be part of the film's community. She has given interviews to both Jeff Hayes at Sleepaway Camp Movies