What is Dillie Keane's full name?

Louise M. Keane

Dillie Keane date of birth:

May 23, 1952

How old is Dillie Keane?


Where was Dillie Keane born?

Portsmouth, England

Dillie Keane body shape:


What color is Dillie Keane's hair?

Dyed Blonde

Is Dillie Keane gay or straight?


What is Dillie Keane's ethnicity?


What is Dillie Keane nationality?


What is Dillie Keane's occupation?

Singer, Musician

Dillie Keane claim to fame:

Fascinating Aida

Short Biography

Louise M. "Dillie" Keane (born 23 May 1952) is an Olivier Award-nominated actress, singer and comedian. She is perhaps best known as one third of the comedy cabaret trio Fascinating Aïda since its 1983 inception, but she has also had a prominent solo career.