What is Don Schwall's middle name?


What is Don Schwall's full name?

Donald Bernard Schwall

Don Schwall date of birth:

March 2, 1936

How old is Don Schwall?


Where was Don Schwall born?

Wilkes-Barre, PA

How tall is Don Schwall?

6' 6" (198 cm)

How much does Don Schwall weigh?

200 lbs (90.7 kg)

What is Don Schwall nationality?


Where did Don Schwall go to school?

Ypsilanti (Ypsilanti, MI)

Where did Don Schwall go to university?

University of Oklahoma

What is Don Schwall's occupation?

Former Major League Baseball Player

Short Biography

Donald Bernard Schwall (born March 2, 1936 in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania) is a former Major League Baseball right-handed pitcher who played with the Boston Red Sox (1961–62), Pittsburgh Pirates (1963–66) and Atlanta Braves (1966–67).