What is Ektor's full name?

Héctor Rivera Alicea

Ektor nickname(s):

Ektor Rivera, Ektor

Ektor date of birth:

February 11, 1980

How old is Ektor?


Where was Ektor born?

Bayamón, Puerto Rico

What is Ektor nationality?

Puerto Rican

What is Ektor's occupation?

Singer, actor, songwriter, plastic artist

Ektor claim to fame:

On Your Feet!

What instruments does Ektor play?


Short Biography

Ektor Rivera (born Héctor Rivera Alicea on February 11 in Bayamón, Puerto Rico) is a Puerto Rican singer, actor, and visual artist more known for being one of the lead singers in the USA TV & Live Show Q’Viva The Chosen, which was seen by over 30 million television viewers, produced by Jennifer López, Marc Anthony and the choreographer Jamie King, "The billion-dollar tour director" as the Variety likes to call him. The show, created by Simon Fuller, was the first show of its kind to be broadcast in the US on both Univision and FOX simultaneously, and was presented live at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas before an audience of over 10, 000 people.