What is Fiona Daniel's full name?

Fiona Daniel

Fiona Daniel date of birth:

July 28, 1987

How old is Fiona Daniel?


Where was Fiona Daniel born?

Wetzikon, Zurich, Switzerland

Fiona Daniel body shape:


What color are Fiona Daniel's eyes?


What color is Fiona Daniel's hair?

Brown - Dark

What is Fiona Daniel's ethnicity?


What is Fiona Daniel nationality?


What is Fiona Daniel's occupation?

Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Fiona Daniel claim to fame:

Drummer of band The Whip

Short Biography

Fiona Daniel (* 28 July 1987 in Zurich ), Switzerland is a Swiss singer and songwriter , the guitar , autoharp and piano playing. She is the granddaughter of Doris Stauffer-Klötzer (including co-founder of the women's liberation movement FBB ) and Serge Stauffer . Both Swiss artist and art educator and co-founder of the F + F School for Experimental Design in Zurich.