What is Francine's full name?

Francine Frensky

Where was Francine born?

Chicago, Illinois

When did Francine die?

May 18, 2003

Where did Francine die?

West Virginia

Why did Francine die?

Barbed Wire Wrapped Around Mouth

What color are Francine's eyes?


What color is Francine's hair?


Is Francine gay or straight?


What religion is Francine?


What is Francine's ethnicity?


What is Francine nationality?


Francine friends:

Evan (Boyfriend), Carly (Best Friend), Jessie (Best Friend), Scott (Best Friend)

Short Biography

Francine appears as Chris Flynn collides with their Ranger Rover Vehicle, leaving them both immobile. She appears hasty and worried as her the car was One-Eye and Three-Finger crowding over Francine's corpse with the Clever and HacksawAdded by Amanda Youngher mother's that they had borrowed for their trip.Her friend Jessie appears with a barbed wire that was tied to a tree back down the road where their tires blew out, leaving them stranded on the road.