Göran Stangertz nickname(s):

G¿ran Stangertz

Göran Stangertz date of birth:

July 19, 1944

How old was Göran Stangertz when died?


Where was Göran Stangertz born?

Flen, Sweden

When did Göran Stangertz die?

October 27, 2012

What is Göran Stangertz nationality?


What is Göran Stangertz's occupation?

Actor, film director, theater director

Short Biography

Göran Nils Robert Stangertz (19 July 1944 – 27 October 2012) was a Swedish actor, director and artistic leader at Helsingborgsteatern. He won Sweden's most prestigious film award Guldbagge Award twice in the category best male leading role for his roles in Det sista äventyret ("The Last Adventure") and Spring för livet ("Run for Your Life").