Guren date of birth:

February 15, 1982

How old is Guren?


Where was Guren born?

Crystal Lake

How tall is Guren?

5' 9" (175 cm)

Guren body shape:


What color are Guren's eyes?


What religion is Guren?


What is Guren nationality?


Guren claim to fame:

Orochimaru`s Subordinates Leader

Short Biography

Guren is a kunoichi who appears in the second Naruto Shippuden anime-exclusive arc.she is the female leader of Orochimaru`s subordinates.she uses the unique crystal brand of jutsu.Guren has shown to be very mysterious, apparently preferring to keep to herself despite having a strong loyalty to Orochimaru.during her introduction, she quickly showed herself to be a remorseless and sadistic person.when told by Kabuto that several prisoners would be fighting to the death, she became ecstatic to hear their would be a slaughter.Guren is also shown to be vain by the fact that when she used her crystal release:jade crystal mirror, she looked at herself and said, "lovely, as always".she has also shown to be very proud.when Naruto offered to carry her, she was embarrassed because she felt it was shameless.She is devoted to Orochimaru to an almost obsessive state.this devotion was so powerful that she fell into despair when she learned she would not become Orochimaru`s next vessel, isolating herself from the has also been shown she has a terrible relationship with Kabuto, as the two argue often, trading scathing remarks.later, she meets Yukimaru, and at first, she finds him peculiar and somewhat irritating.however, when Yukimaru became ill, she cared for him, watching over him for an entire night, until she fell asleep from exhaustion.when she woke up, she found that she was alone-and went searching for Yukimaru, who she found nearby outside under a Camellia tree.she then develops a sort of friendship with him as she crystalizes a flower and tells him that the flower will never wither as long as she is alive.Since coming in contact with Yukimaru, Guren seems to be having conflicting emotions.while part of her still wants to be accepted by Orochimaru as his next vessel, another part of her seems unable to let go of the bond she has made with Yukimaru to the point of protecting him even from Orochimaru`s right-hand man, Kabuto.the emotions seemed to have become more confusing for her in her first one-on-one confrontation with Naruto who stated bluntly how horrible and selfish a man Orochimaru really is.