Hamish Glencross date of birth:

February 13, 1978

How old is Hamish Glencross?


Where was Hamish Glencross born?

Dundee, Scotland

Hamish Glencross body shape:


What color are Hamish Glencross's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Hamish Glencross's hair?

Brown - Dark

What is Hamish Glencross's ethnicity?


What is Hamish Glencross nationality?


What is Hamish Glencross's occupation?


Hamish Glencross claim to fame:

My Dying Bride

What genre is Hamish Glencross's work?

Doom metal, gothic metal

What instruments does Hamish Glencross play?

Electric guitar

Short Biography

Hamish Glencross (born 13 February 1978) is a Scottish guitarist best known for his work with the English metal band My Dying Bride. He also co-founded the short-lived Blackdoom Records with the band's other guitarist, Andrew Craighan, which released The Prophecy's debut album Ashes.