Hichori Morimoto date of birth:

January 31, 1981

How old is Hichori Morimoto?


Where was Hichori Morimoto born?

Tokyo, Japan

How tall is Hichori Morimoto?

6' 1" (185 cm)

Hichori Morimoto body shape:


What color are Hichori Morimoto's eyes?


What color is Hichori Morimoto's hair?


Is Hichori Morimoto gay or straight?


What is Hichori Morimoto's ethnicity?


What is Hichori Morimoto nationality?


What is Hichori Morimoto's occupation?

Baseball player

Short Biography

Hichori Morimoto (Japanese: 森本 稀哲, Korean: 이희철, Hanja: 李稀哲, born January 31, 1981 in Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese professional baseballer of Korean descent for the Saitama Seibu Lions. He was the number 4 draft pick for the Fighters in 1999. For years, he was the backup for the most popular player in the league, Tsuyoshi Shinjo. After the 2006 season in which the Fighters won the Japan Series, Shinjo announced his retirement, in which Morimoto then took over Shinjo's center field spot, and also his number 1 (Morimoto had worn number 46 when Shinjo was playing).