Hye ja Kim nickname(s):

Kim Hye-ja

Hye ja Kim date of birth:

October 25, 1941

How old is Hye ja Kim?


Where was Hye ja Kim born?

Seoul, South Korea

Hye ja Kim body shape:


What color are Hye ja Kim's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Hye ja Kim's hair?


What is Hye ja Kim's ethnicity?


What is Hye ja Kim nationality?

South Korean

What is Hye ja Kim's occupation?


Short Biography

Kim Hye-ja (born September 15, 1941) is a South Korean actress. Best known to South Korean audiences as the archetypal mother figure in popular television series such as Country Diaries, What Is Love?, My Mother's Sea, and Roses and Beansprouts, Kim drew international critical acclaim in the 2009 noir thriller Mother.