What is Irving R. Levine's middle name?


What is Irving R. Levine's full name?

Irving Raskin Levine

Irving R. Levine date of birth:

August 26, 1922

How old was Irving R. Levine when died?


Where was Irving R. Levine born?

Pawtucket, Rhode Island, USA

When did Irving R. Levine die?

March 27, 2009

Irving R. Levine body shape:


What color is Irving R. Levine's hair?

Brown - Dark

What religion is Irving R. Levine?


What is Irving R. Levine nationality?


What is Irving R. Levine's occupation?


Irving R. Levine claim to fame:

NBC News

Short Biography

Irving Raskin Levine (August 26, 1922 – March 27, 2009) was an American journalist and longtime correspondent for NBC News. During his 45-year career, Levine reported from more than two dozen countries. He was the first American television correspondent to be accredited in the Soviet Union. He wrote three non-fiction books on life in the USSR, each of which became a bestseller.