What is Jane Pauley's full name?

Margaret Jane Pauley

Jane Pauley date of birth:

October 1, 1950

How old is Jane Pauley?


Where was Jane Pauley born?

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

How tall is Jane Pauley?

5' 4" (163 cm)

Jane Pauley body shape:


What color is Jane Pauley's hair?

Brown - Light

Is Jane Pauley gay or straight?


What is Jane Pauley's ethnicity?


What is Jane Pauley nationality?


What is Jane Pauley's occupation?

Journalist News reporter News anchor Television host

Jane Pauley claim to fame:

Dateline NBC

Short Biography

Margaret Jane Pauley (born October 31, 1950), better known as Jane Pauley, is an American television anchor and journalist, and has been involved in news reporting since 1975. She is best known for her 13-year tenure on NBC's Today program, followed by 12 years as co-host of Dateline NBC, and for her public acknowledgements of her struggle with bipolar disorder.