What is Jason Edward Kocol's middle name?


What is Jason Edward Kocol's full name?

Jason Edward Kocol

Jason Edward Kocol nickname(s):

Jason Kocol, Dr. Jason Kocol, MD

Jason Edward Kocol date of birth:

February 4, 1975

How old is Jason Edward Kocol?


Where was Jason Edward Kocol born?

Los Angeles County, California

Jason Edward Kocol body shape:


What color are Jason Edward Kocol's eyes?

Brown - Light

What color is Jason Edward Kocol's hair?

Brown - Light

What is Jason Edward Kocol's ethnicity?


What is Jason Edward Kocol nationality?


What is Jason Edward Kocol's occupation?

Instrumentalist, Composer, Record Engineer, Performer

Jason Edward Kocol claim to fame:


Short Biography

Jason Edward Kocol (born February 4, 1975) is an American instrumentalist, composer, recording engineer and performer, active since age 10. His musical interests and offerings range from modern day orchestral music to death metal, electronic music to tango, noise to synthpop, etc. He performs on the following instruments: guitar, voice, bandoneon, mandolin, bass guitar, piano, trombone, tuba, drums and percussion. He is currently a guitarist and vocalist in Oakland-based death metal band Impaled.