What is Jason Latimer's full name?

Jason Latimer

Jason Latimer date of birth:

March 7, 1981

How old is Jason Latimer?


Where was Jason Latimer born?

Roseburg, Oregon, United States

Jason Latimer body shape:


What color are Jason Latimer's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Jason Latimer's hair?

Brown - Dark

What is Jason Latimer's ethnicity?


What is Jason Latimer nationality?


Where did Jason Latimer go to university?

University of California Santa Barbara

What is Jason Latimer's occupation?

Magician, Illusionist, Artist, Inventor, Applied Sciences, Designer

Jason Latimer claim to fame:

Wizard Wars

Jason Latimer agent:

Creative Artists Agency, The Gilbert Group, Cal Entertainment

Short Biography

Jason Latimer (Stage name LATIMER) (born March 7, 1981) is American illusionist who in 2003 became one of four Americans to ever win the title Grand Prix "Best Overall" at the World Championships of Magic. In 2012, Jason starred in the six live British television specials on the BBC One's "The Magicians, " and won UK competition overall. Currently Latimer is one of the judges with Penn & Teller and Christen Gerhart of the American magic competition television series Wizard Wars on the Syfy channel.