What is Jerry Clower's full name?

Howard Gerald Clower

Jerry Clower date of birth:

September 28, 1926

How old was Jerry Clower when died?


Where was Jerry Clower born?

Liberty, Mississippi, USA

When did Jerry Clower die?

August 24, 1998

Where did Jerry Clower die?

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Jerry Clower body shape:


What color is Jerry Clower's hair?


What is Jerry Clower's ethnicity?


What is Jerry Clower nationality?


What is Jerry Clower's occupation?


Jerry Clower claim to fame:

On the Stage with Jerry Clower

What genre is Jerry Clower's work?

stand up

Short Biography

Howard Gerald "Jerry" Clower (September 28, 1926 – August 24, 1998) was a popular country comedian best known for his stories of the rural South and nicknamed "The Mouth of Mississippi".