What is Jill Haworth's full name?

Valeria Jill Haworth

Jill Haworth date of birth:

August 15, 1945

How old was Jill Haworth when died?


Where was Jill Haworth born?

Sussex, England, UK

When did Jill Haworth die?

January 3, 2011

Where did Jill Haworth die?

Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA

How tall is Jill Haworth?

5' 2" (157 cm)

Jill Haworth body shape:


What color is Jill Haworth's hair?


Is Jill Haworth gay or straight?


What is Jill Haworth's ethnicity?


What is Jill Haworth nationality?


What is Jill Haworth's occupation?


Short Biography

Biography by Hal EricksonAt age 15, blonde British ingenue Jill Haworth was signed to a personal contract by producer/director Otto Preminger. She made an excellent impression in her first assignment for Preminger, Exodus (1960), and went on to co-star in the director's The Cardinal (1963) and In Harm's Way (1965). During the early 1960s, Haworth was one of the most "killable" leading ladies in show business; her characters seldom survived to the final fadeout, and many died in a most nasty fashion. In 1966, Jill Haworth created the part of Sally Bowles in the Broadway musical Cabaret, then returned to England to star in inexpensive horror mellers like It (1967) and The Mutations (1973).