What is Jim Lee Hunt's middle name?


Jim Lee Hunt date of birth:

October 5, 1938

How old was Jim Lee Hunt when died?


Where was Jim Lee Hunt born?

Atlanta, Texas

When did Jim Lee Hunt die?

November 22, 1975

Jim Lee Hunt body shape:


What color are Jim Lee Hunt's eyes?


What color is Jim Lee Hunt's hair?


What is Jim Lee Hunt's ethnicity?


What is Jim Lee Hunt nationality?


What is Jim Lee Hunt's occupation?

American football player

Short Biography

Jim Lee "Earthquake" Hunt (October 5, 1938 – November 22, 1975) was an American college and professional football player from Prairie View A&M University who played defensive tackle for the American Football League's Boston Patriots from 1960 through 1969, and for the NFL' Boston Patriots in 1970. He was a four-time AFL All-Star, and was one of only twenty men to play the entire ten years of the AFL. He was used as a defensive end occasionally.