What is Joey Chestnut's middle name?


What is Joey Chestnut's full name?

Joseph Christian Chestnut

Joey Chestnut nickname(s):

Joey, Jaws

Joey Chestnut date of birth:

November 25, 1983

How old is Joey Chestnut?


Where was Joey Chestnut born?

Vallejo, California, USA

How tall is Joey Chestnut?

5' 9" (175 cm)

How much does Joey Chestnut weigh?

240 lbs (108.9 kg)

Joey Chestnut body shape:


What color are Joey Chestnut's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Joey Chestnut's hair?

Brown - Light

Is Joey Chestnut gay or straight?


What is Joey Chestnut's ethnicity?


What is Joey Chestnut nationality?


Where did Joey Chestnut go to university?

San Jose State University San Jose, California

What is Joey Chestnut's occupation?

Professional Competitive Eater with Major League Eating, Construction Engineer

Joey Chestnut claim to fame:

Nathan's Hot Dog Eater Contest Winner

Short Biography

Joseph "Jaws" Christian Chestnut (born November 25, 1983) is an American competitive eater. The 6-foot-tall (1.8 m), 240-pound (110 kg) competitive eater is currently ranked second in the world by the Major League Eating. He is a Vallejo, California native who currently resides in San Jose, California.