What is John Leven's full name?

John Gunnar Levén

John Leven nickname(s):

John Leven

John Leven date of birth:

October 25, 1963

How old is John Leven?


Where was John Leven born?


How tall is John Leven?

6' 1" (185 cm)

John Leven body shape:


What color are John Leven's eyes?

Brown - Light

What color is John Leven's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is John Leven gay or straight?


What is John Leven's ethnicity?


What is John Leven nationality?


What is John Leven's occupation?


John Leven claim to fame:

Europe ( the band )

What genre is John Leven's work?

Heavy metal, hard rock, glam metal

What instruments does John Leven play?

bass, vocals, guitar, piano, keyboard

John Leven family:

Daniel (son), Alex (son), Adrian (son)

Short Biography

John Gunnar Levén (born October 25, 1963 in Stockholm, Sweden) is the bassist in the Swedish rock band Europe. Levén and vocalist Joey Tempest are the only band members who have performed on all of Europe's studio albums.