What is John Stember's full name?

John Stember

Where was John Stember born?

London, England

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Where did John Stember go to university?

Mount Grace - Hertfordshire - UK Survival, General Education 1953 – 1960

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Short Biography

John Stember is among the world`s most visionary photographers. His most recent work titled `Dreamscapes` marks an extraordinary breakthrough in photography by creating free flowing spontaneous images revealing the contemporary spirit of today`s youth culture. A dramatic departure from the highly mannered, posed and self-conscious images we have been so used to seeing in the international fashion media. John has introduced greater artistic aesthetic to the genre which thousands of his `facebook` friends have enthusiastically embraced. He believes that in our modern online interactive culture we need to move away from the commercial imagery of the recent past and create more intimate, personal images which people can experience in a more self-referential way.This is due to the massive success of social networks like `facebook`, `twitter`, `youtube` etc that have brought people together on a global scale which has changed their perceptions of film and photography virtually overnight. John has realized this dramatic shift in global awareness and has also shifted his vision and developed a new kind of intimate imagery. He created his `fOtOfilms` ... `Dreamscapes` combining photography, cinema, and photography with the mystical beauty of the Ma`Ohi culture of Tahiti.Short five to ten minute films which present a series of photographic images set to music each with a particular mood or surreal dream theme. They are a powerful new way to present imagery to a global audience in a captivating and contemporary way. As `fashion film` is emerging as the new champion of modern fashion/arts media. John is very aware of the new interactive nature of the creative process and it`s vital relationship to the rapidly expanding global audience. Currently fashion magazines and news journals are in complete turmoil not knowing how to face the future. They have not fully realized the extent to which they have to change and that we are approaching an entirely new era of online interactive creativity and connectivity which is just beginning and will eventually totally transform all forms of media as we know them today.