Jordan Freda date of birth:

May 12, 1988

How old is Jordan Freda?


Where was Jordan Freda born?


How tall is Jordan Freda?

5' 11" (180 cm)

Jordan Freda body shape:


What color are Jordan Freda's eyes?

Brown - Light

What color is Jordan Freda's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Jordan Freda gay or straight?


What religion is Jordan Freda?


What is Jordan Freda nationality?


What is Jordan Freda's occupation?

Film/TV Producer

Jordan Freda claim to fame:

Emmy award for HBO`s John Adams, dating socialite Amor Hilton

Short Biography

Emmy Honor Award for contribution of "Outstanding special / visual effects on a miniseries, movie or special" for HBO`S John Adams. Owner of `Mumz The Werd` clothing line, in-home producer and also owner of `Base Studio Productions` located in the heart of Northern California, and on the side an independent film maker. Currently filming a reality travel show `Explore22`