Jus Addiss date of birth:

June 23, 1917

How old was Jus Addiss when died?


Where was Jus Addiss born?

New York City

When did Jus Addiss die?

October 26, 1979

Where did Jus Addiss die?

Los Angeles, California

Why did Jus Addiss die?

Lung Cancer

Is Jus Addiss gay or straight?


What is Jus Addiss's ethnicity?


What is Jus Addiss nationality?


What is Jus Addiss's occupation?

Film Director

Short Biography

Justus Joseph Addiss or Jus Addiss, Joe Addiss, Justin Addiss (June 23, 1917 - October 26, 1979) was an American director of television and film.