Justine Thornton date of birth:

August 12, 1970

How old is Justine Thornton?


Where was Justine Thornton born?


How tall is Justine Thornton?

5' 2" (157 cm)

Justine Thornton body shape:


What color are Justine Thornton's eyes?


What color is Justine Thornton's hair?

Dyed Brown

Is Justine Thornton gay or straight?


What is Justine Thornton's ethnicity?


What is Justine Thornton nationality?


Where did Justine Thornton go to school?

Nottingham High School for Girls

Where did Justine Thornton go to university?

Cambridge University

What is Justine Thornton's occupation?


Who is Justine Thornton's father?

Stewart Thornton

Who is Justine Thornton's mother?

Margaret Thornton

Justine Thornton friends:

Frances Osbourne

Who has Justine Thornton worked with?

Pam Ferris (co-star in Harwicke House)

Short Biography

Justine Thornton (born 25 September 1970) is an English lawyer specializing in environmental law. She is the wife of Ed Miliband, the former Leader of the Labour Party. She is a former child actress who appeared in Dramarama and Hardwicke House.