Kan Mikami date of birth:

March 20, 1950

How old is Kan Mikami?


Where was Kan Mikami born?

Aomori, Japan

Kan Mikami body shape:


What color are Kan Mikami's eyes?


What color is Kan Mikami's hair?


Is Kan Mikami gay or straight?


What is Kan Mikami's ethnicity?


What is Kan Mikami nationality?


What is Kan Mikami's occupation?

Singer, songwriter

What genre is Kan Mikami's work?

Folk, Blues

Short Biography

Kan Mikami (三上 寛, Mikami Kan, born March 20, 1950) is a Japanese folk singer-songwriter. His music, heavily influenced by American blues, was popular in Japan in the 1970s. He re-wrote the lyric of the song "Yume wa Yoru Hiraku" for his cover version in 1972, which was banned for its negative portrayal of Modern Japanese Culture. Mikami also acted in cinema and is notable for collaborations with Shūji Terayama and his avant-garde theater Tenjō Sajiki.