What is Karen Waldbillig's full name?

Karen Waldbillig

Karen Waldbillig nickname(s):

Karen Waldbillig Kasich

Where was Karen Waldbillig born?

Upper Arlington, Ohio, USA

Karen Waldbillig body shape:


What color are Karen Waldbillig's eyes?

Brown - Dark

What color is Karen Waldbillig's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Karen Waldbillig gay or straight?


What is Karen Waldbillig's ethnicity?


What is Karen Waldbillig nationality?


Where did Karen Waldbillig go to university?

Ohio State University

What is Karen Waldbillig's occupation?

Business Executive

Karen Waldbillig claim to fame:

Wife of Ohio Governor John Kasich

Short Biography

Karen Waldbillig Kasich is an American business executive and wife of Governor of Ohio and presidential candidate John Kasich.Kasich was born in Upper Arlington, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, and is a graduate of Ohio State University. She and then-Congressman Kasich were married in 1997. Kasich left her job as vice president with GSW Worldwide, a health-care advertising agency, to become a full-time parent when the Kasich's twin daughters, Emma and Reese, were 2 years old. Karen Kasich and the couple's twin, sixteen-year-old daughters campaigned with the Governor in New Hampshire in the weeks before the New Hampshire Republican primary, 2016.