What is Katherine DeMille's middle name?


What is Katherine DeMille's full name?

Katherine Paula Lester

Katherine DeMille nickname(s):

Katherine De Mille

Katherine DeMille date of birth:

June 29, 1911

How old was Katherine DeMille when died?


Where was Katherine DeMille born?

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

When did Katherine DeMille die?

April 27, 1995

Where did Katherine DeMille die?

Tucson, Arizona

Why did Katherine DeMille die?


How tall is Katherine DeMille?

5' 3¾" (162 cm)

Katherine DeMille body shape:


What color is Katherine DeMille's hair?

Brown - Dark

Is Katherine DeMille gay or straight?


What is Katherine DeMille's ethnicity?


What is Katherine DeMille nationality?


What is Katherine DeMille's occupation?


Katherine DeMille claim to fame:

All The King`s Horses (1934) .... Fraülein Mimi

Short Biography

Katherine de MilleActive - 1930 - 1972 | Born - Jun 29, 1911 in Vancouver, BC, Canada | Died - Apr 27, 1995 | Genres - Action, Drama, Adventure, Mystery, RomanceBiography by Hal EricksonEarly in her acting career, Katherine DeMille occasionally received reviews in which critics noted the strong determination of her looks and bearing--traits which, the critics suggested, she obviously "inherited" from her father, film director Cecil B. DeMille. First appearing before the cameras in her father's Madam Satan (1930), Ms DeMille managed to do quite well for herself in films without her father's influence. She was most often cast in supporting roles, usually playing disgruntled cast-off lovers or exotic villainesses. One of her best screen scenes was a knock-down, drag-out fight with Barbara Stanwyck in Banjo on My Knee (1936). Katherine DeMille was for many years the wife of actor Anthony Quinn, with whom she co-starred in the praiseworthy "B" picture Black Gold (1947).